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How to Grow Your Business by Leveraging Online Events

How to Grow Your Business by Leveraging Online Events

How to Grow Your Business by Leveraging Online Events

How to Grow Your Business by Leveraging Online Events

Online events can be used for product launches and marketing, announcement of new services, to establish connections and to grow an existing network or to build a new one, to gain exposure and definitely to increase sales. Every business needs to seriously consider the potential of online events to grow but leveraging such exercises is easier said than done. It is very easy for online events to be a dud. Organizing online events is not a cakewalk either. It is futile to try and put together an event that no one is interested in and has very little value. Such events cannot be leveraged. Hence, you must plan an online event that leaves its mark and only then can you leverage its impact.

The first step is to decide a topic that your event will be about. The event cannot be entirely about the product or service you have to offer. Whatever it is you are promoting will have to be a subtle pitch and the event should be about the greater good. The best topics for any event across industries are about pressing problems and the entire exercise is an attempt to present the solutions. Such events will always draw the largest audiences. These events will also entice more speakers as they know the audience will be substantial for them to have an impact on their personal brand.

Speakers will not participate in your events unless they have something to gain. Do not go about selecting speakers randomly and definitely avoid being generic with your approach. You should genuinely know what the speakers do and are specialized in, you must follow them so you can pose contemporary matters for their contemplation and intervention, you should entice the speakers citing how your online event will benefit them and then present your own case or purpose of the whole exercise. You may not disclose all your objectives but the speakers will want to know the gist. In this day and age, not everyone is willing to be associated with anyone without knowing their agenda.

You will generate enough interest among your target audience only when you have the glimpses of what may be an interesting event. Hence, you will need the best speakers in your niche. The audience will want to hear from them. Use tools such as SparkToro and BuzzSumo to find influencers in different niches. Interview them, engage with them using current affairs or their latest developments and you will emerge as a genuinely interested person. Team up with promotional partners so you can leverage their influence and outreach. You must also get the speakers to advocate in favor of your event. You can use promotional partners such as ClickMeter, RightMessage, Rebrandly, Bubble, FreeeUp and Zenkit.

You should not stay confined to any one medium of engagement. Check out influencers on social media, across networks for professionals, video sharing platforms and blogs, forums and podcasts among others. For an online event to be successful, every influencer in attendance should bring in their following, if not in its entirety then a substantial section. Your event should generate interest in the press, traditional or virtual. The media or the press can get you some free promotion. You may also pay for some news across relevant websites or channels.

Finally, have something different to offer at your online event. You can have live interactions, downloadable guides, actual resolutions to problems faced by many or something that will improve the lives of those attending the event. There has to be some takeaway for all participants, speakers and the audience, for them to be truly interested in your event.

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